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Massage Therapy for You


YOU have everything within you to heal yourself. You are ALREADY whole.

Take a moment to sit with that, and then read it again.

It may sound like a completely foreign concept to you. It may even sound completely bogus. That's because, in our current reality of high-stressed living, we are given the messages that more is better, faster is not fast enough, look outward for the answers, stress somehow equals strength, depend on others to "fix" our imbalances, and imbalance itself is...well, normal! 

This couldn't be further from the truth. The statement at the top of this section is the truth. You DO have everything already within you to heal yourself. Unfortunately, many of us are so far removed from that truth that it doesn't even seem possible. But it is. 

Anna's massage therapy sessions are not  about "fixing" you. They are about her helping to guide you and your body into a state of harmony while also showing you how you can do the same. Anna uses a combination of bodywork modalities and intuition, as well as showing you how to increase your body awareness and allow the wisdom of your body to guide you on the path to healing. 

Body, Mind, and Soul-- there is no disconnect here. This is where many of us have been misguided. Through quite a journey of her own, Anna has realized this truth and invites you to come experience the power of true self healing through one of her massage therapy sessions, tailored just for you.


Massage Therapy for your Horse


 *Please call for an appointment for equine massage therapy; do not use the online booking feature. Thank you!

Anna combines her years of experience and techniques as a human bodyworker, her knowledge of the horse, and a lifetime of real working experience with horses. The equine bodywork Anna offers is a combination of various modalities, tailored for each horse as an individual. No horse is the same, and no session is either.

Horses are highly sensitive beings. Some do well with deeper work, and some do not prefer it. Each session may also vary for one individual horse, which is where Anna's awareness and presence during the session is of utmost importance. 

   Horses speak a different language than many of us are used to, and are incredibly sensitive. The horse’s responses to touch may be subtle or obvious.  Anna uses this observation of the horse’s response in combination with her intuition and "felt sense" to help guide her when performing massage and bodywork on one of her equine clients. This is why flow instead of force is very important. The areas of  restriction, pain and discomfort are reached more accurately and the  releases are deeper and more profound when she combines her skill  of palpation with her intuition knowledge of "equine language".

  Anna works with all classes of horses, and all disciplines, including dressage, driving, racing, jumping and gaming.

Regardless  of the horse’s activity level, numerous issues including environment,  stress, over-exertion, or even lack of exercise, can impact the  bio mechanics of the horse
and the functioning of the muscles,
causing restrictions and imbalances, putting them at greater risk for injury.

   Anna’s work will increase circulation to the affected areas and help release adhesion, which will in turn aid the body in healing. Releases of soft tissue around joints will help increase synovial fluid  production and range of motion of the affected joint. Benefits of high quality massage and bodywork are countless and directly affect both mind and body in a profound and positive way.

  Your horse’s performance, comfort and overall well-being will improve.


Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching


 For more information on receiving coaching or equine facilitated coaching, please visit www.soulhorseranch.com.

  With Horse as a teacher and guide, these powerful sessions are created for the client to learn how to increase their own body awareness and intuition, become emotionally agile, and to learn how to tune into the body's innate wisdom and receive the messages being offered.

Improve your leadership skills, overcome trauma and emotional pain, deepen your relationship with others and yourself, and claim the extraordinary life you deserve. 

Horses are highly sensitive, body aware, sentient beings who have so much to offer to us as we raise the consciousness within ourselves and our planet. Just a few of these lessons include how to live in the present, tune into our bodies, understand emotions and listen to the underlying messages that have been trying to reach us.