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Welcome to SoulHorse Healing Arts:

Massage therapy for people and horses.  

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About Anna

Anna Harold has been a NYS Licensed massage therapist since 2004. She received her massage therapy education at the New York Institute of Massage in Buffalo, NY.  She continues to uphold her Board Certification as well as her NYS license through quality continuing education. 

Anna has had a lifetime of experience working with and around horses; they are her true passion and she made a goal to bring this skill somehow into her career path. In 2010, to begin fulfilling her lifelong passion of a career with horses, Anna received her initial certification in Equine Sports Massage Therapy from Equissage, NE/NY.  She then went on to work under Mike Scott in his Equine Massage and Muscle Therapy course in Camden, South Carolina over a period of six months. She currently holds a 300 hour certification as an Equine Massage/Muscle Therapist. Just as with massage therapy for her human clients, Anna uses a unique combination of bodywork and energy work modalities tailored to each equine client for the most optimal session each time. Anna specializes in Deep Tissue massage, Energy work, Trigger Point Therapy, and Medical massage. She combines her intuitive gifts into a very unique, individual and effective experience that has served her clients very well over the past 15 years.

In recent years, some of her own challenging life situations, combined with the need for a deeper life purpose, brought Anna to discover the power of body centered coaching for deep transformation and healing. She delve deep into various body-wisdom approaches to rejuvenate her own quality of life. Some of these studies and applications included meditation, chakras, emotions as energy, tapping into Inner Self for guidance, and so much more-- and integrating all of these empowering healing tools alongside --you guessed it-- horses. She knew, without a doubt, how many lives could be changed through body centered coaching alongside the powerfully healing presence of horses. Nothing seemed more natural to her than to empower others, with the guidance of her equine friends, to realize that they hold within themselves everything they need to live an extraordinary life.

Anna graduated in 2019 from Kathy Pike's Academy for Coaching with Horses. Anna's understanding of energy flow, mind-body connection and alignment with Source has deepened greatly through her studies and application of Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching. Anna’s desire to guide people to deep self-healing and transformation through the way of Horse was the inspiration behind the creation of SoulHorse Ranch, located at her home in Harpursville, New York. Combining her ability to be fully present, compassionate and intuitive in her sessions creates a shamanic feel and offers a deeply sacred container for her clients to experience transformation and the expansive nature of authenticity in their lives.